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About Neeltje


Who am I......

My name is Neeltje Donkers and I was born in the Netherlands in 1972.
My passion is sharing my love that I feel for all there is.
Away from the hectic and pressure of our western lifestyle.
My biggest teachers were my travels and working experiences around the world .

Especially what we like to call third-world countries.
For me, this was teaching me the art of life. The possibility to adapt to what is. To be and feel connected with nature, life, and death. To be part of a family....of a community.



Not having a mask in front of their faces, but being their true selves.
Not identifying themselves with titles, work, cars, appearance, and money.
It taught me to realize that everyone has their own truth. Colored by your place of birth, your upbringing, trauma, and experiences.

I worked in different countries, doing different jobs, either volunteering or earning money for my next adventure. From milking cows to being a flight attendant. From teaching the little ones how to ski in the Austrian Alps, to making Gouda cheese in South Africa. From cycling through Tanzania and Malawi to Climbing and trekking in Nepal.
From working as a yoga teacher in Peru and Morocco.
Taking people on a raft in France or on snowshoes with -30 on a frozen lake in Finland. Until I landed in Sayalonga where I started as a volunteer at a Yoga Retreat Centre.

In 2018 I did my first 200 hr yoga teacher training in Kathmandu, Nepal. I wanted to have my training where yoga is part of the culture. It was a profound and deep experience. Mostly I learned about myself.
I did my second 300hr yoga teacher training in the winter of '22/'23 in Bali along with my sound-bath course. 
Here I went deeper into the philosophy, physical aspect, nervous system, meditation, kundalini energy work, and stillness.

After years of living a nomadic lifestyle, I arrived in Sayalonga in 2020 and felt the resonance with it.
In April 2023 I exchanged my tent for this magical place we, Smokey and myself may call our home.
Here I feel free.....silent. Smokey (my cat) mainly enjoys her food.

Passionate about nature, connecting with people, sharing thoughts and feelings, nutritious food, sound baths, massages, dancing, singing, hiking, cycling, tenting, cold water, and a good cup of coffee.

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