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Sound Baths at Finca Arcadia 

What can you expect?

Using different instruments such as singing bowls,  a drum, palo de lluvia and my voice to bring you into a place into space.
A touch from my hands and a smell from the oils for the nose...... activating and playing with your senses.

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What do people say? 

"Neeltje immerses you in therapeutic sounds that bring you into a state of deep calmness." 

"What a wonderful stay I had at Neeltje's B&B! Everything was well taken care of down to the last detail and it was very clean. Beautiful house with an even more beautiful view, but which made the stay even more enjoyable was the hostess herself. You immediately feel completely at home. She also gives singing bowl sessions. I experienced several of them, but never as nice as this! She took care of it with different instruments, beautiful music. She used ecclesiastical oils that I was completely relaxed and the sound was really intense. At last she went I also sing it myself and that made it complete, such a beautiful and pure voice, so we closed here beautifully. Highly recommended 😊 So I will definitely go back to Sayalonga again!"

More Information

Prices: 50 EUR per session for 1 person,
or 15 EUR per person min 4 people group.

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